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We are proud to be part of this community, serving your heating and air conditioning needs. Whether you need repair, replacement or a new installation of a furnace, air conditioner, heat pump or air filtration system, we get the job right the first time. Our certified technicians service all furnace and air conditioning make and models.

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About Port Arthur, TX - Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

Port Arthur is a coastal city located in the southeastern corner of Texas. Port Arthur is positioned in Jefferson County and is part of the Beaumont & Port Arthur Metropolitan Area. According to the United States Census Bureau, Port Arthur had a population of 55,000 people in 2016. It is one of the largest cities in Jefferson County.

Port Arthur is located in an area that was originally inhabited by Native American Indians. Eventually, explorers from Europe visited the area but did not stay. However, the area Port Arthur is located in became an important avenue for trade which attracted many European settlers. Arthur E. Stilwell established Port Arthur in the late 1800s, funded by Dutch investors. Stilwell envisioned Port Arthur as important to his newly established railway. In the year 1898, Port Arthur became an incorporated municipality.

Modern-day Port Arthur is home to many attractions. Individuals who visit the destination city will find many museums and parks like the Museum of the Gulf Coast and Walter Umphrey State Park. These provide residents and tourist unique opportunities to learn more about Port Arthur and the surrounding area. Also located in Port Arthur is the Sabine Pass Battleground State Park and Pompeiian Villa. These transport visitors to an older time when Port Arthur was a young city.

Port Arthur is located in a region of the United States that experiences very warm summer seasons and cool winter seasons. It is necessary for residents of the city to have access to cooling and heating systems in their homes. During the months of June, July, and August, daytime temperature highs average in the low-90s. Temperatures will dip into the 40s during the winter months and precipitation is common. Systems like central air conditioning units and furnaces help Port Arthur residents stay comfortable inside their homes when varying weather conditions are present in the community.